A Trip to the Lagoon

Guess what? We, as a class, got to go on a field trip to the San Elijo lagoon on Wednesday!!!

I was super interested on the ocean side of the lagoon, because I saw a big white tall snowy figure standing in the prickly brush! I heard the rippling of the placid, swaying, clear, water! It was an amazing egret. I think it was nesting because it was sitting down in a boat-ish shaped thing. I think it was a nest because the egret was in the brush and it looked like it was trying to blend in, maybe from predators! This was an amazing experience, my opinion is that we were lucky to catch a glimpse of those egrets, they are often hard to find. I was comfortable being around the lush, green wild life. Also when we were walking by the egrets I saw a little rock, but then it got bigger, I am almost positive it was a fossil! Maybe the whole trail use to be underwater, that would be cool!

It sugared and warmed the inside of my body! This field trip was absolutely amazing and I loved it so much! We also had notebooks to record our field notes, here is a picture of mine. I loved this field trip so, so much, I hope we can go again someday!

Field Notes

Field Notes



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