The Story of Spirit!

Far beyond the forest, if you’re not late, on May 15th, you’ll see a baby horse being born, and this is how the story begins.

“His name will be Spirit,” the mother horse said. As the years passed, Spirit got older by the minute. One night while the horses where sleeping, Spirit woke by the wind, he got on his feet, and then he just couldn’t fall back to sleep, he started walking away. “Spirit! Whispered his friend,” What are you doing!?!

“Ok, I woke up, and I heard a sound, I went to go see what it is” said Spirit, as he took a step. “Go,” his friend said, “and be safe.” “I will, I’ll be back soon.” As he peeked through some bushes, a rope came over his head. He fell into faint. “When he wakes up, we’ll use him!” said the men who got him. As Spirit slowly woke up, he thought he was back home. Suddenly he got whipped! He turned around, and saw a man, ” Get up, get up.” Spirit got up, and started running (he didn’t knew he was in a fence), he ran into the fence, he fell. That night Spirit got saved by an Indian boy, he got captured by the same men. we rescued the other horses, we escaped that night. I went home. In the morning, I told my family my trip!

And that’s the story of Spirit!

I made a new friend, and family!